• Hiring GMS ON BOTH SERVERS APPLY ON DISCORD THANKS Blizzlike server 5x Rate 3.3.5 5x Rate All Raids Scripted All Dungeons Scripted Vote Blizzlike Items All quests working 5x high rate 3x drop rate 1v1 2v2 3v3 Battlegrounds scripted Auction house working Instant 80 Fun Realm 3.3.5 Anticheat World chat *Transmogrification 1v1 Arena *Crossfaction BG *All race all class totems working *Custom Gearing system *Custom tiers/Honor/Arena Sets *Vendors in battlegrounds with temporary Gear to balance BG *Legion Raids (custom 3.3.5 *World Bosses *PvP title system - kills for titles *PvP Strongboxes and Tokens *Honor Vouchers *Custom currency *Custom Quests *Duel Zone *Enchanting NPC Profession NPC *Login Announcer *Donation Items *Vote Items *Duel Reset *Player Tool NPC *Tons of custom spells *Gold cap to Gold Bar Revive Above Corpse *Portable Teleporter

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