• Would you like to try a custom fun server on Burning Crusade? Then check out these useful informations about the server! - level your character in our exp zone from level 1 to 200 - progress through our content to get many of our custom items - teleporter, that can take you to all important areas is ready for you all - global trainer, to train your riding, weapon skills, class and talent skills - custom buffs, that you can buy in one of our vendors for a suitable price - crossfaction Battlegrounds and we are working on a custom system for BGs - arena spectator, so you can watch other players how they act in certain arenas - option, to play 1v1 with own rating system and vendors - all class all race combinaton - you can explore bunch of our custom zones - shop, place where you can find all important quest and daily quest NPCs, vendors, trainers, pvp NPCs or just stay and chat with players - gold zone, where you can farm golds in an interesting way - fishing zone, where you can fish start gear on level 200 - drop zone, where you can check drop of bosses, so you will know where to get things, that most intrigues you - profession zone, where you can farm JWC to be able to craft powerful gems (good use for other professions will be added soon) - mining zone, where you can skill mining in a comfortable way (use of this will be added soon) - pet zone, great place for beloved hunters, to choose a pet, that they really like - buff zone, where you can farm an useful buffs - duel zone, pretty nice place to show your true skills to other player - two farm zones, where you can get an interesting things - jump and maze zones, it's annoying yeah, but if you can master these zones you will be able to obtain great rewards - a lot of other zones for special quests - there are over 9 dungeons and 2 raids to explore (and much more later) - 4 World Bosses are waiting to be slained, will you be in that group, which shall destroy them? - functional transmog NPC and our barber lady in a shop :-) - special mount vendor for some rare mounts with a nice bonus for a little more riding speed Our Website: apokalipticwow.eu Our Discord: https://discord.gg/TAEv3Vf
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