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    WoW-Mania | WotLK | Blizzlike | PvE & PvP | 3.3.5a

    10,541 Votes

    WoW-Mania | WotLK | Blizzlike | PvE & PvP | 3.3.5a-

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    The best PvE Blizzlike server created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for World of Warcraft. No character transfers or free 80s here. Over 99.5% uptime. The highest quality WotLK server today.

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    Monster-WoW Legion & Cataclysm Server

    2,473 Votes

    Monster-WoW Legion & Cataclysm Server-

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    Havoc-WoW 335a - 255 PvP/PvE FUNSERVER

    721 Votes

    Havoc-WoW 335a - 255 PvP/PvE FUNSERVER-

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    [3.3.5a][Community Achievements][Cata/MoP/WoD/Legion TRANSMOGGABLE Content][+35k custom items][Custom&scripted gear/instances][Custom Instances/Quests/Bosses/MALL/LvL Area][PvP/PvE rewards][CROSSFACTION BG][Guild Housing][Killstreak][VIP system][Hourly rewards][Caring and Helpful Staff/Community...

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    World of The Gods | 335a 735 | LvL255 HR

    265 Votes

    World of The Gods | 335a 735 | LvL255 HR-

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    [Up Since 2008][800k players][Fun Level 255-WotLK][HighRate110-Legion][No lag,Stable Core][Arena 1v1][Fully scripted instances][Cata/MoP mounts][Custom Instances,Items,Titles,etc][Malls,Transmogrify,Portable Teleport&NPC][Active PvE][PvP Zone custom][All Arena/BTs][Pro Staff][Daily upgrades]

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    251 Votes

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    Professionally developed and maintained. We bring you Cataclysm, MoP and WoD content to patch 3.3.5a. Our custom content is nowhere else to be found. Were delivering you the best experience by approaching new ideas, which cannot be found anywhere else.

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    110 Votes

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    Amazing Cataclysm Funserver with custom malls, instances, quests and raids Tons of custom gear and weapons to obtain Vote shop to buy good weapons and gear Starter gear gives 100k HP, Transmogrification available and FREE MAX HASTE

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    [3.3.5] Nether Crusade - Instant 60 PvP

    95 Votes

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    Instant 3.3.5 60 Twink Realm - Vanilla Based - Unique Progress System - Recruit a Friend - Custom PvE

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    Austerror WoW 3.3.5a

    54 Votes

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    An Australian based, Blizz-like WotLK server. 3x exp. Learn riding at level 10.

  • 9

    ReforgeCraft ClassLess

    50 Votes

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    Enjoy unique ClassLess WOTLK experience as you create any race/class combination for base and then build on it using spells/talents from any class and whatever stats u choose. Do any Faction Quests, War is over. Use custom commands and all items. 2 different worlds with different concepts. Have fu...

  • 10

    WoWMortal - WoW Legion, MOP, Cataclysm, WOTLK

    47 Votes

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    Latest Legion Patch X10 rates Realm, Instant 85 Cataclysm PvP and PvE, Arena Tournament Instant 80 PvP WOTLK, Amazing PvP and PvE Content, Custom Malls, Working BG and Arena, Custom Instances, Balanced Spells and Classes. Best WoW Private Server

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    24 Votes


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    3.3.5 Blizzlike x1 Server beginning with emulation of patch 3.0.2. Active Staff and Developers! 24/7 Uptime! Friendly community and staff!

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    Emerald Sanctum

    12 Votes

    Emerald Sanctum-

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    Emerald Sanctum offers a multi-expansion progressive realm based on PvE that will run starting at Vanilla 1.2 and run till Legion. Players can choose at the end of each major expansion to stay or transfer to the next expansion. Rates are always 1x, never pay2win.

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    Elite WoW Eternion Like Custom haste server

    6 Votes

    Elite WoW Eternion Like Custom haste server-

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    * The only custom haste server * Instant 85 * Bunch of custom stuff * Friendly and devoted Staff * * No lags * Balanced PvP * Merged Pve and balanced PvP causes a lot of fun * Many great events * * Renewable content * Hard-working and profess

  • 14

    MasterWoW Free fun private World of Warcraft

    3 Votes

    MasterWoW Free fun private World of Warcraft-

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    Fun free world of warcraft server 3.3.5a Haste Server, 10000 Item Bosses. Gift Old Eternion-wow with a lot of changes. Steal health with attack for all classes. All classes are balanced. One year old being online.

  • 15

    Chaotic Domain

    2 Votes

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    Trinity Blizzlike 3.3.5 server. Drops are 10x and exp is 100x. Custom content coming soon!

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    DeluxeWoW Custom 3.3.5a Level100

    2 Votes

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    [New Server 3.3.5a] [Custom English] [battleground][VIP][account Rate][Instant80] [LevelMax100][Mall zone][Teleporter&Hearthstone;] 3800 CustomsItems! Enjoy!

  • 17

    Storm Forge 7.3.5

    2 Votes

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    Storm Forge 7.3.5 Blizzlike server 24/7 uptime, 1-10x xp rate , Scripted Dungeons, Outdoor PVP, Events, Active Battlegrounds, Argus and all legion content, Lag-free, Friendly Staff and professional developers, Global Community, Join our open beta now! Storm Forge 7-3-5 servidor completamente Bl...

  • 18

    Genozide Gaming

    1 Vote

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    Genozide Gaming 255 FUN Fully Custom ! Max level 255 Level Road Instances / Donation Vote Gear And Much More !!!!! Events Scriptet Quests and Tournaments German/englisch Server :D

  • 19

    Firefly 335a 100% Blizzlike

    1 Vote

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    335a WotLK - 100% Blizzlike - 1x Rates - No Pay2Win - No donorshop at all. - DDoS Protected - The best Anti-Cheat - Daily Backups - Dedicated Staff - Active Developement with Bugtracker - Realmfirst Achieves - Launching April 29th

  • 20

    Korakion - TBC - Blizzlike PVE & PvP 2.4.3

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    Blizzlike - Exceptional Quality - 99% uptime - All instances/raids open - Regular updates - Dedicated and friendly staff - Active PvE and PvP community - Working Arenas and Battlegrounds.

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    This is 255 instant with 5000+++ custom items come join US and have fun. With many event's, never bored on this server. Go register and try it.

  • 22

    Gods Of Warcraft - 4.3.4 Cataclysm

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    [Fully Custom PvP Funserver][100% Blizz Rates Server][Custom T-mog][Fully Customized PvP Zone][Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa][Custom Scripted World PvP quests][Fresh Funserver Concept]

  • 23

    BlackBones WoW 3.3.5a

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    Very high rates. No bugs, very stable.

  • 24

    [4.3.4] NexusWoW Cataclysm Tournament Server

    1 Vote

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    [4.3.4][Australian Hosted][Instant 85][World PvP/PvE][Tournament][Custom Content][Timeless Isle]

  • 25

    Elysium Project (Vanilla Legacy Server)

    1 Vote

    Elysium Project (Vanilla Legacy Server)-

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    The Elysium Project was born from the desire to capture World of Warcraft in its original state so that we can share our passion with the world once more. The team is comprised of dozens of individuals that span from all walks of life, from all over the globe. We all share a single bond that unites ...

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    New 255 fun private server with new items/quests/world bosses and much more for make you happy and no bored!

  • 27

    Hellfire TBC

    This server has not been rated yet.

    Hellfire TBC-

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    Progressive TBC-Server! 2.4.3! PvE & PvP! Blizzlike 1x rates! Prenerf raids and dungeons! Fully scripted raids! T4-T5 Open! Season 2! Instant 60-boost! No cash shop, no P2W!

  • 28

    Blacknetwork- WoW Vanilla WOTLK Legion

    This server has not been rated yet.

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    German/English Community -- Vanilla 121 Blizzlike 2xEXP -- LEGION 732 Blizzlike 2xEXP -- Strong Servers -- no Custom items -- 99,99 Uptime -- Account Manager -- no Rollbacks -- Working Content -- dedicated Development -- METIN2 Oldschool -- ARK:Survival Evolved - 2x125 Slots

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    This server has not been rated yet.

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    Welcome to Nostralia - a blizz-like PVP server inspired by Nostalrius's past project and ideals. We are a non-profit server; no cash shops and no pay to win mechanics. We are uniting servers across oceania into one with dedicated devs and a capable team to ensure you experience TRUE vanilla WoW.

  • 30

    ozonwow 3.3.5

    This server has not been rated yet.

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    furst 50 playes reward in game need us Gm join us .

  • 31

    Wow-Gate 3.3.5

    This server has not been rated yet.

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    WotLK 335a :: Blizzlike :: XP Rate x15 :: ICC Fully Working :: HoR Working :: Gunship Battle :: On Leveling Rewards :: Low Latency :: Professional Development Team :: 24/7 GM Support :: No Rollbacks

  • 32

    BlizzlikeWorld Progressive x15!

    This server has not been rated yet.

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    Blizzlikeworld is a progressive private server with x15 xp rates, and gold Updates,every weak gamemasters active all the time to support you join us today!

  • 33

    BerSerKWow Server 3.3.5a x20

    This server has not been rated yet.

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    Welcome to BerSerKWow Server 3.3.5 x20 Rate XP Kill x20 Rate XP Quest x20 Rate XP Explore x20 Rate Money x20 Rate Qest Money x20 Start Level 60 HeLlpinG Gear And More Join Us ToDaY !

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    WowZealot - Cataclysm Blizzlike Server

    This server has not been rated yet.

    WowZealot - Cataclysm Blizzlike Server -

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    Cataclysm 434 Blizzlike Server - Striving for Quality, Retail Experience and Proper Scripted Content - Motivated Developers - Scripted Zones - Vashjir Unlocked at Launch - No Pay to Win - Releasing 15th September