• Your Welcome : ReviveSRO ??????????????? de nada ??????????????? Donate = Silk #Good_Luck https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReviveSilkroad/ Reward First 50 Player's On NPC 1Gold : FB And +12 100% Reward ! Global=10 Revive Coin Premium Vip=1 Gold New Flag + Old Flag = 1 Gold Old Avatar=1 Gold New Avatar= Revive Coin Devils = 1 Gold New Title = 1 Gold Thief Avatar : Job Coin New Pet = Revive Coin Damage30%=3 Revive Coin Damage20%=2 Revive Coin Scroll 10K HP And MP =1 Revive Coin Scroll 15k HP And MP = 2 Revive Coin Adv Sheild+3 + Pro+3 + Acc+3 +Weapon+5=1 Gold Max Plus +17 Weapons With Adv 5 Max Plus +15 Set And Acc With Adv 3 Battle Arena:Working Match So-Ok:Working Zerk Scroll Drop From Unique Q:How Can Get Revive Coin Q:How To Get Job Coin A:From Mobs 104 A:From Uniquee's Q:How Can Get Zerk Scroll A:From Unique On Map Yellow Icon Website : www.revive-sro.cf

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