• No Pay 2 Win 110 cap http://www.pharaohs-sro.com/ DiscordCap 110 Degree 11 Race Chinese / European Mastery CH: 330 / EU: 220 EXP x75/ pt x80 Max Plus no Max + (endless) Alchemy Rate 2x Guild Limit - PC/IP Limit - PC/IP Job Limit - Play2Win FTW , the ftw winner guild master will be rewarded with special buff and special colored title name called " Fortresswar commander " FTW Commander Buff Top 10 chars to reach Level 110 will be famous with there colored title name and granted special bufftop 10 photo Top 10 Buff Top 300 player to reach level 110 system Top jobbers with special title granting for top 3 jobbers Top Theif Buff uniques kills for silks and Honor points Auto equipment 1-9dg int balanced buffstr Balanced BuffPremuim Plus All Items (EGY A) can be bought for Gold Wep 300m Set Each part 250m/200m FIRST PLAYERS GET 200 SILK FOR REACH 110
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