• Zera

    Overall Votes: 3,440

    Bossing Economy Skilling

    Zera - History in the Making Tons of bosses | Stable and rewarding economy | Multiple Game modes | Smooth and stable Gameplay | Over 100 achievements | 23 Working Skills | Amazing...

  • OSVeldahar

    Overall Votes: 2,991

    OSRS Economy

    OS-Veldahar #1 OSRS Emulation OS Veldahar Your #1 OSRS Based Economy Server Vorkath A very challenging boss for you to take part of and kill for great rewards! Great Olm ...

  • Indova

    Overall Votes: 2,549


    Indova Indova is an OSRS server that is currently loading 163 data. We thrive to create professional, unique, outstanding, community-driven content.

  • Lunaris

    Overall Votes: 2,123

    OSRS Pking Bossing

    Lunaris | Raids | Pk Bots | Item Renaming Raids Pk Bots Item Renaming

  • Malevolence

    Overall Votes: 1,638

    Malevolence: Reborn With unique classes such as the pyromancer, archer, and berserker combat is that much more exciting, powerful, and visually appealing. Leveling your c...

  • Ataraxia

    Overall Votes: 1,485

    Economy Skilling Bossing

    [718/883] Ataraxia - The #1 718 Server of 2017 Economy | 6 Game-Modes | 26 Skills |Grand Exchange | Rise of the Six | Titles | Divination |Frequent updates | Full Vorago | Full Kalphite King | Full Araxxor | Instances | Hardmode GWD | Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) | Celestial Dragons | Gemstone Dragons | Loyalty System | Full Cosmetic Override System 718 839 Eco Server PVM Daily Updates New Bosses


    Overall Votes: 1,199

    Skilling Economy Custom Bossing

    EOCRS - Telos RELEASED! NEWEST REVISION 887 with INVENTION Skill, Telos, GWD2, LOOT BOX and many more. Join a real Runescape 3 private server, experienced developer. Vorago like on Retail, Economy system, Grand Exchange, Araxxor and many custom bosses, Weekly events, helpful staff and a great community. 877 RS3 Eco Eco Server Economy Rs3 Grand Exchange Custom Content 25x XP Rate

  • TeraPS

    Overall Votes: 1,078

    Bossing OSRS Economy Skilling Custom

    TeraPS | Play Now! Bosses Crazy Archaeologist Chaos Fanatic Venenatis Vet'ion Scorpia Callisto Lizardman Shaman Zulrah Kraken Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Corporeal Be...

  • Helwyr

    Overall Votes: 1,059

    Pre-EOC Minigames Bossing Skilling

    Helwyr 718/RS3 NEW RSPS - Need Staff - Join us now Helwyr is the top pre-EOC RuneScape Private Server! We have a busy and friendly community, with thousands of players who also use our active forums ...

  • Project

    Overall Votes: 852

    Economy Pking Skilling Pre-EOC Minigames Bossing

    Project Ilyneos Eco & PvP Project Ilyneos - Log in & PK, Click Combat Skill to Set Lvl, Slower Skill Rates. Frequent Updates, Dedicated Server, Great Staff, Amazing Gameplay....

  • GloriousRS

    Overall Votes: 775

    Bossing Minigames

    GloriousRS 718/891 718 loading latest rs bosses and items and graphics, different xp rates with special bonuses for harder xp, 10 quests, lots of minigames including barbarian assualt and livid farm and artisans workshop, new bosses (vorago/kalphite king/telos/ gwd2) and lots more to come. 718 891

  • WarScape

    Overall Votes: 653

    Custom Skilling Bossing OSRS Spawn

    WarScape Custom Content || Particles || Played-Owned Shops || Construction || NPC Drop Tables || All Working Skills || 25+ Bosses & Pets

  • RuneWild

    Overall Votes: 648

    RuneWild - 100$ Tournaments - Wilderness Events 100$ Tournaments - Mage Bank Wars - Achievements System - Slayer oriented - New Dragon Slayer II items - Surge Spells - Catacombs - Revenants - Perfect Combat - Quick Gear system - Looting bag - Slayer Center - Realistic Profitable PvM

  • NearReality

    Overall Votes: 476

    Near-Reality - $1,000 Bloodlust Season 2 Invite! Near Reality Client Link - Near Reality Forums - Near Reality Wiki - Near Reality Hiscores - 317 v13

  • WardScape

    Overall Votes: 460

    Skilling Custom Economy

    WardScape - RS3 Private Server Fresh new server released runescape 3 private server with all new content, full invention skill, telos, vorago and many more. Join for a real experience, medium rates, fast growing community. 891 Invention Telos GWD2 Custom Content x15 Eco Server

  • OSLegion

    Overall Votes: 459


    OSLegion - Osrs|EverLasting End Game Content! OLM|Zulrah|Cerberus|Achievement diaries|Blood money System|Beginner Friendly|Daily Rewards|Latest osrs content|Endless Boss fighting 317

  • CreativeScape

    Overall Votes: 435

    Creative-Scape Remastered Many people knew and grew to love and cherish Creative-Scape long ago. Creative-Scape was originally made in 2009 and went through many evolution's al...

  • DestinyPS

    Overall Votes: 415

    Custom Minigames Bossing

    DestinyPS ~ #1 Runescape Private Server Welcome to DestinyPS. The Brand new custom RSPS. We have 500 customs, Player Owned Shops, Minigames, Active and Helpful Staff, Active Player Base. We do weekly updates for more content and new items. We are growing fast so join today! 317 Friendly Community Friendly Staffs 10 Bosses 10 Minigames Join Now

  • ElixerLegends

    Overall Votes: 412

    Custom OSRS Minigames Pking Skilling

    Elixer-Legends ~ Where Legends Are Born! -BRAND NEW SERVER-Custom Dungeons-UPGRADABLE ITEMS-New Whirlpool Event-INFERNO MINIGAME-30Bosses-Skilling Pets-Boss Pets-VOTE FOR DONOR-Strict Economy-VORKATH-Gambling-PvP Skilling-DEDICATED VPS-Active Passionate Owner-Daily and Weekly Raffles-PLAY NOW- 317 317 Pking 10 Minigames Voting System Working Donations Working Skillings


    Overall Votes: 404

    Pre-EOC Pking Skilling

    ALOTICA - #1 HD 668 BY SOULPLAY Alotica is the #1 668 HD server. We provide an excellent, challenging gameplay that caters to pkers, skillers, and pvmers. Alotica was just released in May, and has shown amazing growth so far. Our game is built on the powerful Soulsplit network. Our secure servers are always online. 668 PKing skilling PVM Pvp

  • GenProject

    Overall Votes: 403

    Custom Bossing Minigames Economy

    GenProject 317 RS2 Server! Come and joint he upcoming 317 RS2 server with evergrowing content! We've got a chilled community who all get along on discord also (Most of us being over 18) 317 PVM Gambling Friendly Community Custom Bosses Boss Pets Updates Minigames VPS fresb eco new server

  • Exoria2

    Overall Votes: 401

    Skilling Bossing Minigames Custom Economy

    Exoria2 Join Exoria2 today! All the fun skilling, bossing, minigames, customs, and more that you know and love! 719 724 Skilling Economy Low Rates 30 Bosses Custom Minigames Team dungeoneering Gun Game Custom Items custom pets

  • Zarpor

    Overall Votes: 401

    Custom Skilling

    Zarpor Zarpor - Unique 718 - Battle Royale mini-game - Custom quests - Active players and staff - Weekly updates - New content - Player polled Content - All Ironmen modes - Fully working Achievement system - Legend Mode - Full Construction, Dungeoneering - Up since 2011 - Join today! 718 317 Skilling Battle Royale

  • Serenity

    Overall Votes: 401

    OSRS Custom Minigames Pking Bossing

    Serenity - Zulrah - Lootcaves SERENITYPS LOOTCAVES Custom Items Colored Rock Crabs Abyssal Demons Dark Beasts 8+ Minigames Perfect Switching/Pking Oldschool Items Zulrah 317 Oldschool Runescape Community 50 Customs 100 Grand Exchange 100 bosses Daily Updates Forums Perfect Switches

  • Revival

    Overall Votes: 377


    Revival | OSRS server | Duo-Ironman! Revival is a server brought to you by YouTubers Jamian & PvM Bigboy.. its called revival because the two of us have been out of the RSPS scene for a...