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    Adding the Gamestop100 Badge

    Rank higher on our lists by adding your unique vote link to a visible section of your website or game.

    Postback Guide

    Append the name or id of the voter at the end of your vote link. We will send this parameter back to you postback url you specified.

    The XXX parameter can only contain the characters [A-Z 0-9] and should be replaced with the NAME or USER ID of the voter.

    The postback response

    When a user votes for your website on our notifier will contact your postback URL using a GET request to tell your system that a user just voted. This is what the postback data would look like.

    'custom' will be the value you specified as XXX

    IP Whitelisting

    For postback the all requests will orginate from: Add this domain to your server whitelist to secure your vote script.

    Vote Check API

    We also provide a facility for you to check if a certain IP has voted. Query the following page, replacing YourSiteID with the ID assigned to your website, and UsersIP with the user's IP.

    The page will return 0 if the user has not voted within the past 12 hours, and 1 if they have.