Minecraft: the inventor’s paradise. Of course, it’s also the connoisseur's nightmare. Thanks to the huge number of user-created maps out there it's almost impossible to find the finest creations on offer. Who has time these days to sift through hundreds of Minecraft maps, devour them with their digital senses, and come to a conclusion on which ones are worth your time?

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    Well, us, actually. We’ve scoured forums, marathoned YouTube videos, and sampled more maps than we can count in order to bring you the definitive list. These are the Minecraft maps that you simply must try before you can claim to have sampled the community's best work.

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    Minecraft adventure maps

    Adventure maps are self-contained Minecraft experiences that are generally a lot less about building and a lot more about exploring and, very often, fighting. Expect traps, puzzles, and all sorts of secrets. Also, while you can play many of them quite happily by yourself, there's more than a few out there that have been designed for multiplayer. Best of all, because the Minecraft community is so industrious, there are thousands of them out there and many of them are very, very good.

    Plucked from those thousands, here are 17 adventure maps to sink your teeth into. Bear in mind, almost all of them will have particular rules or settings that you'll need to follow to ensure they work properly, such as setting the game to a particular difficulty level or being sure not to break any blocks when you start playing. Each map has its own rules, but don't worry, the creators will let you know what you should and shouldn't do before you begin.


    BiomeBox Minecraft maps

    Are there any problems in the world that can’t be solved with parkour? The creator of BiomeBox doesn’t seem to think so. There are ten visually distinct levels for players to platform their way through, each one based on a different biome - leap from Nether to cake, then hop straight into a twilight dreamscape.


    Dreams and nightmares have, for centuries, been the fascination of psychologists and people whose job it is to think loads. In recent times, Minecraft map makers have stepped up to tackle the question of what happens when we go to sleep. In this case, that makes for a ridiculously fun romp through space, the Nether, and a few burning buildings.

    Herobrine's Mansion

    best minecraft maps herobrine's mansion

    Herobrine's Mansion is the work of Hypixel, one of the community's most respected creators, and a collective that we'll be featuring again in this roundup. This map is packed with things to find, including custom enemies, half a dozen bosses, special items, and unique potions. It's widely regarded as one of the best adventure maps out there, and if you only try one map from this collection, make it this one. Although it's designed to be played with friends, you can try it solo, too.

    Adventure Time

    best minecraft maps adventure time

    What time is it?

    … If you don’t know the answer to that question it’s a good bet that much of this map’s content will be lost on you. This Adventure Time inspired map utilises a specially made texture pack to transport players to the fantastical Land of Ooo. Go that extra mile and don an Adventure Time skin for the perfect cosplay experience.

    The Tourist

    best minecraft maps the tourist

    This map doesn't just feature some of the most impressive builds in all of Minecraft's various worlds, it also boasts minigames and its own soundtrack. The Tourist is one of the longest adventure maps out there, clocking in at around four hours from start to completion, though your own mileage may vary depending upon how long you want to spend just staring at things in the game.

    Kingdom of the sky

    best minecraft maps kingdom of the sky

    Kingdom of the Sky adds the rather novel concept of narration, provided by a series of YouTube videos that the player is given links to at key points during the map. It's a little bit like listening to the audio logs in System Shock or Bioshock, as you can carry on playing while the narration chats away to you. Ignore them and you've still an imaginative and expansive high fantasy map to explore.

    Deep Space Turtle Chase


    This sci-fi map took its creators three months to build and saw them transform blocky, pastoral world of Minecraft into something remarkably different. Deep Space Turtle Chase has players searching for wanted criminal Dr. Earl S. Testudine, who is hiding somewhere on a mining station beyond Tarsus 3. Catching him will require all your wits and ingenuity.

    Because this map is pretty much a total conversion for Minecraft, you'll want to back up your original copy before following the installation instructions.

    Wrath of the Fallen

    best minecraft maps wrath of the fallen

    Another work from the excellent Hypixel, this hack-and-slash adventure map is full of beautiful structures, custom weapons, potions and items, as well as boss fights, challenges, secret sections, and easter eggs. It's recommended for two players, but you should be able to solo your way through it if you grit your teeth.

    The Escapists 2

    best minecraft maps escapists 2

    Taking inspiration from one of the best prison simulation games (if that’s even a genre) around, this map features eight massive cells, jobs, and a currency system. The aim for players is to hatch the ultimate escape plan, using any resources you can find, and gaining notoriety among your fellow cellmates in order to earn their assistance. As Minecraft adaptations of games go, The Escapists 2 is a classic.

    Last Jump Hero

    last jump hero

    Don’t concern yourself with context, cohesive visual design or gameplay variation when loading up Last Jump Hero. This parkour map asks only a couple of things of prospective Minecrafters: a willingness to jump, and a pre-acceptance of failure.

    Star Wars

    best minecraft maps star wars

    Do you want a diamond lightsaber? Of course you do. Also by Hypixel, and for use with the Mine Wars texture pack, this epic adventure of stormtroopers and Star Destroyers has you fighting your way through snowy wastelands and even deep space. It ticks all the Star Wars boxes, featuring blaster rifles, Jedi knights, AT-ATs, and just about everything else you might want, and we should add that those Imperial walkers look pretty damn good in Minecraft.

    Fireworks Parkour

    minecraft maps fireworks parkour

    Boasting the white and red aesthetic of freerunning favourite Mirror’s Edge, Fireworks Parkour is a classic Minecraft platforming map with a unique twist: instead of expertly timed jumps, you’ll be propelling yourself through the map with TNT. It’s just that little bit trickier than jumping, because once you start a sequence of explosions you won’t be able to pause and catch your breathe. The fireworks that pour out of each blast make for a neat visual touch too.

    Pokemon Johto 

    Minecraft map pokemon johto

    Providing the 3D Pokemon adventure that you always wished Nintendo would grant you, this Pokemon map is based on Gold and Silver’s Johto region. Offering a quest-line filled with bosses, NPC shop keeps and fully-functional Super Potions, Johto finishes up the authentic Pokemon feel with its own soundtrack and those Minecraft blocky visuals that make it feel like a GameBoy game.

    Of course, fighting monsters have to be in there somewhere, and whilst this map doesn’t take advantage of the Pixelmon mod for its battle system, it does amusingly reskin weapons as Pokemon monsters and get you to physically fight with them. 

    The Dropper 2

    best minecraft maps the dropper

    Hilariously subtitled ‘Newton vs Darwin’, The Dropper simply releases you from a vertigo-inducing height and asks you to survive the fall. Plummeting down a complex spider-web of blocks and barriers, you’ll need to shift your body in the right direction to prevent splattering against an obstacle (mining away the block as you hit it is firmly disallowed). Think of those insane space debris sections from Dead Space and you’re halfway there. 

    Zombie Apocalypse 

    best minecraft maps zombie apocalypse

    Containing what may be the most horrific re-skin of Minecraft’s zombies ever made, Zombie Apocalypse is an entertaining mix-up of frantic hack-and-slash action and survive-the-night tension. Owing a small debt to Left 4 Dead, when Zombie Apocalypse lays on the undead, it lays them on thick and fast. Ambushes inflict panic, and panic normally leads to some hilariously bad outcomes. You’ll need to bring a friend, not only to thin the hoard quicker, but to solve its co-op puzzles too.

    Herobrine’s Return 

    herobrine return

    Hypixel’s maps are basically Minecraft gone triple-A, and the analogy even goes as far as sequels. Herobrine’s Return is the follow up to Herobrine’s Mansion, and as such contains a familiar setup of custom enemies, big boss fights, magic spells, and NPC-crewed shops. The RPG tropes are carried through with a fun selection of side quests, and there’s even some great scripted moments that add a level of cinematic sparkle rarely seen in Minecraft. 


    Teramia Minecraft map

    One of the largest adventure maps, Teramia is an open-world, non-linear RPG. Lacking a focused core quest, Teramia leaves you free to wander, exploring its various districts, and helping the NPCs you encounter along the way. Split into four regions, populated by a vast variety of mobs and friendly villagers, the areas are also home to nine dungeons and a series of fortresses to claim as your own. A project two years in the making, Teramia is still considered ‘beta’, with the world continually growing with new updates.

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