• AIFOSMU 97D Remake

    Servidor Fast. Exp: 1500x / Vip: 2000x Servidor totalmente free 2 play. Item de bienvenida, mas info en http://97d.muaifos.com/info
    Rank 1 4 Votes Server Details
  • LVL255 FUNSERVER - Havoc-WoW 335a -

    LVL255 FUNSERVER - Havoc-WoW 335a --

    [3.3.5a][Community Achievements][Cata/MoP/WoD/Legion TRANSMOGGABLE Content][+35k custom items][Custom&scripted gear/instances][Custom Instances/Quests/Bosses/MALL/LvL Area][PvP/PvE rewards][CROSSFACTION BG][Guild Housing][Killstreak][VIP system][Hourly rewards][Caring and Helpful Staff/Community...
    Rank 2 200 Votes Server Details
  • InfernalWoWProject | Vanilla x1 | WotLK x10 | PVE

    New private server that was born in November 2019, we are a French and English speaking community, we currently have 2 realms 100% operational including Ragnaros 1.12.1 with a rate xp/drop Blizzlike x1 and Frostmourne 3.3.5a with a rate xp/drop x10. We're a dynamic team and very present for the play...
    Rank 3 7 Votes Server Details
  • Haunted Fatality Ragnarok Online

    Classic feels High Rate Server 2-2Transcendent Job Frost Server PK Server Gepard Protection All function PK WOE Semi-Farming server No Bias GM Event GM with Limited Commands RMS BASED Server with a little customization to add some spice in the game
    Rank 4 0 Votes Server Details
  • Globalmu S15 Ep3

    Biggest private server Season15 Exp X500 new character RuneWizard, Slayer! Events every hour Bosses respawns every 2hours Great loot fun game style 3sub servers 2000 Online
    Rank 5 1 Votes Server Details
  • Trinity Wow 3.3.5a

    -stable Core -pve & PvP -Most battleground, Dungeons and raids Are working -classes and quests Are working Welcome Bonus: - rates x10 at the moment - 1x character instant level 80 / Write an ingame Ticket for that!
    Rank 6 0 Votes Server Details
  • Asgardmu Season 15

    Asgard Mu onlinne Season 15 opening 2019! Best mu server! Asgard Mu onlinne Season 15 opening 2019! Best mu server!
    Rank 7 0 Votes Server Details
  • Slayermu

    Slayer mu online gaming project! Slayer mu online gaming project!Slayer mu online gaming project!Slayer mu online gaming project!Slayer mu online gaming project!Slayer mu online gaming project!
    Rank 8 0 Votes Server Details
  • Ultima Online Eternal Vengence

    Patch to and have fun! A PvP shard. Too much to list here... read more about us @ our info site: http://uoevhome.webs.com/info-center
    Rank 9 16 Votes Server Details
  • Future-Mu 97m+1.0e Classic

    Future-Mu 97m+1.0e Classic 2000xp 30%drop Max 32767, max 3exe opt
    Rank 10 1 Votes Server Details
  • JollySro - Old School Cap 105 New Server

    JollySro - Old School Cap 105 New Server-

    Just up 3-11-2019 Race Chinese -Cap 105- Mastery 315 - Experience x3 - Party Experience x5 - Skill Points x10 - Item Drop Rate x10 - Gold Drop Rate x10 Battle Arena On daily events - Play to win
    Rank 11 1 Votes Server Details
  • HellMu

    Version: Season 6 Episode 3+Exp: x6500+Drop: 90+MaxLevel: 400+Max Statl: 65450+Points per lvl: 5/7+Webshop/CashShop/Reset: Enabled+Rebuilded PvP Balance 99+Castle Siege: Enabled+Muum Pets: Enabled+Custom Items: Enabled
    Rank 12 52 Votes Server Details
  • Mu Kelevra S3 Epi X 100% PvP

    Servidor 100% PvP Exp 700 Drop: Custom Borra Stats Eventos: Custom
    Rank 13 2 Votes Server Details
  • WoW-Reign | Cataclysm | Blizzlike | PvE & PvP | 4.3.4

    WoW-Reign | Cataclysm | Blizzlike | PvE & PvP | 4.3.4-

    The best Cataclysm server today! Blizzlike rates x1 to x6, PVE and PVP, Professional Quality. Anti Cheat. High Uptime. Quality Scripts. Great Established Community.
    Rank 14 1136 Votes Server Details


    We are Oneshot.BG and we are trying to provide qualitative servers on the game Counter Strike 1.6 with well-developed site and forum supported by team of well qualified professionals in the field. Our main purpose is to provide one great place where everyone can enjoy on a high quality gameplay and ...
    Rank 15 33 Votes Server Details
  • MythMu Online Season 6 Episode 3

    MythMu Online Season 6 Episode 3 Gold with reconnect system offtrade and more stafs
    Rank 16 5 Votes Server Details
  • CustomServer Whit Custom Content And Much More

    CustomServer Whit Custom Content And Much More, Custom Zones, Custom Points, Multi Hit Weapons, Total lvl raise Damage, Gambling, Etc
    Rank 17 0 Votes Server Details
  • Wicked-WoW 85 Fun Haste

    WOTLK 3.3.5a Fun||Instant 85||Free starter gear ||Haste cap || High Rates|| Custom Content || Custom dungeons-raids-Malls|| 95% Spell works||Daily and weekly Rewards||Custom professions ||Vote System|| Friendly GMs 24/7 online Support||
    Rank 18 59 Votes Server Details
  • UnityMU - Season 6 - 150XP - Box System

    UnityMU - Season 6 - 150XP - Box System-

    UnityMU Season 6 Episode 3 - Best quality gaming on new long-term server! Join and explore true muonline experience that you wont see on other mu servers!
    Rank 19 0 Votes Server Details
  • RS3 Gold and OSRS Gold for sale! Eldorado.gg!

    RS3 Gold and OSRS Gold for sale! Eldorado.gg!-

    Runescape gold prices at Eldorado.gg are so hot they can warm you up faster than a cup of hot chocolate! Get your cheap RS GP now and obtain any items and complete any quests you could've wanted!
    Rank 20 1 Votes Server Details
  • MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale Eldorado.GG!

    MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale Eldorado.GG!-

    Huge amounts of MS2 Mesos awaits you! They are all just a button click away, but will you dare to reach for them?
    Rank 21 1 Votes Server Details
  • Buy WOW CLASSIC GOLD, lowest rates! Eldorado.gg

    Buy WOW CLASSIC GOLD, lowest rates! Eldorado.gg-

    WoW Classic has been live since 26th of August and people are already avidly farming Classic WoW gold to get ahead in the game, so what are you waiting for? Join them and discover all the opportunities WoW classic gold can give you!
    Rank 22 1 Votes Server Details
  • *Frostmournewow.com* 3.3.5a [WOTLK]

    *Frostmournewow.com* 3.3.5a [WOTLK]-

    Rank 23 301 Votes Server Details
  • DRAION-MU S14 - X100 - 26 OCTOBER

    Mu Online Season 14, Unique and Professionally configured, X100 [dynamic] Balanced and Adjusted all game contents, premium Files and Anti- Cheat, Castle Siege, Interesting Events, Great Boss drop Rewards, Nice Leveling road, CashShop System, Stable 24/7 The Perfect World Game Project - Join US
    Rank 24 143 Votes Server Details
  • WoW Server 3.3.5

    WoW Server 3.3.5-

    Servidor brasileiro de world of warcraft versão 3.3.5 WolTk
    Rank 25 0 Votes Server Details
  • Ancient Mu International

    Ancient Mu Premium PVP Server, EXP 100x, Drop 60%, New PVP events, New JWL's, MAX RR 20 , Join US now !!!
    Rank 26 17 Votes Server Details
  • ValithriaWoW

    Wir sind ein neuer Privatserver, mit Fokus auf PvP und Endcontent. Unsere Features und Raten: XP: x1-7 (variabel) Ehre: x4 Arenapunkte: x2 Ruf: x4 3 Berufe Ehrecap: 500k Arenapunktecap: 20k Reiten ab Level 1 18 Platz Taschen Crossfaction in allen Bereichen (außer Arena!) ...
    Rank 27 16 Votes Server Details
  • Untamed WoW

    Untamed WoW - Instant 80 PVP/PVE Server 3.3.5a WoTLK *CrossFaction BG *Cross Faction Raids/Instances *Transmog System *ArenaSoloQueue *Custom Events
    Rank 28 11 Votes Server Details
  • Valanyr


    Start-Char|3.3.5a Server|Individual XP Rates|Transmog|1v1 Arena|CFBG BG/Inis|Acc-Wide Mounts|Own LvL EQ|Flex Raiding|Ger/Eng Support
    Rank 29 0 Votes Server Details
  • AnarchiaMu


    [IGCN FILES] [SEASON 6 Ep3] [Exp 4500x] [FREE SHOPS 1 OPTION SETS] [FREE CREDITS FOR VOTE] [BOX+1+2+3+4+5 IN SHOPS] [SERVER 24/7] [WINGS 1+2 and SOUL BLESS JOH GEMSTONE IN SHOPS] [NO-LAG] [MUBOT SYSTEM] [Antihack] [3D Camera] [Autoparty, Off store] [Vip System+Vip Server] [Reset Rewar...
    Rank 30 10 Votes Server Details
  • Ion SRO - No Overpowered Customizations

    Ion SRO - No Overpowered Customizations-

    EU/CH - Old School - Cap 110 - D11 - Mastery 330 - Experience x4 - Party Experience x8 - Skill Points x5 - Item Drop Rate x15 - Gold Drop Rate x5 Battle Arena On - Old system - Good rate FGW Good Rate Coin Job 105, daily events - Play to win
    Rank 31 4 Votes Server Details
  • DESTINATIONMU SEASON 12 X250 01.12.2019

    DESTINATIONMU SEASON 12 X250 01.12.2019-

    Rank 32 24 Votes Server Details
  • TrojanMU Season 3

    1000xp Season 3.1 Opening the server Thursday next week On 3/10/19 At 7 p.m.For now you can sign up for a server
    Rank 33 0 Votes Server Details
  • Ayleone Online

    Ayleone Online-

    Cap 110 - Mid Rates - Old School - No supernatural edits - Long term - Job based - Balanced - PVE
    Rank 34 62 Votes Server Details
  • WoW GAME

    It is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. Register today!
    Rank 35 0 Votes Server Details
  • muinstinto

    To date we have some changes or improvements that we want to present to you. 1) Vip Users: The opportunity to change race or name of characters for each account was increased to 5 changes. It means that if you already used the previous 3, you have 2 free for each option. 2) The weekly rewards of...
    Rank 36 0 Votes Server Details