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    DoomScape RSPS

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    Army Of Ultron EP4

    Overall Votes: 122

    Vote Details

    Start LvL : 1 Max LvL : 165 Exp: 5 Sp: x10 Gold: x3 Drop: x6 Affinity: x10 Added Middle Lvl Support As Buff Npc, Online Time Cash 10 mins = 10 Cash New Pets , Changed Zones Velpist , Prokion, New Affinity Infected Club, Max Upgrade 30 Daily New Comming Quests , bigger Arena and much mo...

  • 2

    World of Kung Fu United

    Overall Votes: 48

    Vote Details

    World of Kungfu is a 3D martial arts MMORPG (online game) based on the traditional Chinese culture. Players can experience a unique martial arts world in World of Kungfu.

  • 3

    Die 4te Offenbarung (D4O) - Free to play MMORPG

    Overall Votes: 33

    die 4te offenbarung (d4o) - free to play mmorpg

    Vote Details

    Die 4te Offenbarung (kurz auch D4O genannt) ist ein Kostenloses MMORPG mit einizgartigen Charme und einer tollen Community. Betrete jetzt die Welt von Althea und beweise deine Fähigkeiten!

  • 4

    Gods of Zushin

    Overall Votes: 6

    Vote Details

    Gods of Zushin Anime & Manga inspired game! Will you check it out? Our new patch is on the way! Join us now, you're still able to redeem your gift for creating the account and character!

  • 5

    SWGFlurry : Star Wars Galaxies

    Overall Votes: 2

    Vote Details

    SWG Pre-CU Server with CU, NGE Items. Village Jedi Unlock Enabled. Flurry Offers Custom Content, Unique server features only found on Flurry, We try our best to pump out content for our community every 7 days, looking forward to having you join our community.

  • 6

    NutellaStory V83 ,x100,x10, x4

    Overall Votes: 0

    Vote Details

    Welcome to NutellaStory v83 private server running on the private core and with powerfull addons and fun playgame, Our server running on powerfull cloud servers in Germany and hosting by WhiteVM by R.M Solutions company Our servers are free play, you also can donate us to get more powerfull items an...

  • 7

    UCVS Test entry for gamestop100.com

    Overall Votes: 0

    Vote Details

    What is UCVS? You are running a private server and want to reward your users for voting on toplist sites, but only if they really voted? Then UCVS is what you are looking for, because UCVS checks after each successful vote whether the user is entitled to recieve a reward for the vote, or not.

  • 8

    LMS Forsaken World

    Overall Votes: 0

    Vote Details

    LMS Forsaken World - Dysils Wrath 30x: All Instance Working + PvP Flag lvl 60 + Free Mount, items, donation money drop/sell in game + Leafs for Voting and time spent online + Stable LMS Gaming Community since 2008 + Come join the fun

  • 9

    Atlantica Online

    Overall Votes: 0

    Vote Details

    New Server, New World ! Welcome to our new Atlantica Online Private Server Atolfan. This new server come with the most updated version which same with offical server.

  • 10

    United KO | PK-Light Farm | PvE & PvP | 1310

    Overall Votes: 0

    Vote Details

    United PVP is free to play knight online private server, based on pvp and a bit of farm, we've been working on the server for the last few months and we are finally ready to release it for public.