What is Gamestop100
    We help you find servers or websites for your favourite games. We provide you with wide selection of private servers for World of warcraft, Minecraft, Lineage 2, Mu Online and many others. Our site helps webmasters gain more visitors and gamers find more sites.

    Sites Rank?
    We rank the servers based on the vote of players. Every vote is valid when a person clicks on a Gamestop100 voting link, and confirms their vote. Our staff are constantly working on creating a flawless anti-cheat system. Every person is allowed to vote once every 12 hours per server, other manipulations will count as illegal actions and Gmaestop100 will punish as they see fit.

    How to be a part of Gamestop100?
    Browse the game of your choice and click the sign up or add site button.

    How do i login to my account?
    Enter username and password.

    How i delete my account?
    Contact us with your username and password and we will remove you from our system.

    Where to find my HTML code?
    Every site has HTML code which is shown when you login with your account.

    Where do i place my HTML?
    Insert the HTML code on every page if possible.

    I have a private server for a game but isn't a category for it?
    Contact Us and we will help you.