• InfinityWar Classic Conquer Online is a Low/Medium classic Conquer online Private server. We will make our best to give each and every player a classic game interface edition and feel the good old days of Conquer online 1.0. -USA Dedicated Server -Four main Classes such as Archer, Trojan, Warrior and Taoist -Old jump! -One Reborn! -Max plus 9 like it was in old Conquer Online! -FreezeWar -CaptureTheBag -ElitePk -SnakeKing Quest -MoonBox Quest -Blue Mouse Quest -Ancient Devil Quest -House Permit Quest -Bomb Quest -Max level 130 with high exp rates till 4x! -Mining " N/R/S Gems, Ores! -New Glow Garments! -New Events in the Game! http://infinityconquer.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Infinity-Conquer-Online
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