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    Dexter Gaming / Client 5095 / Drop 100 CPS

    [Dexter Gaming is a private server client 5095] [Trojan , Archer , Water , Worrier , Fire] [Last level 137] [Last +12] [Last reborn 2] [Drop 100 CPS , 8 to 9 Pm Drop 500 CPS Every Day] [Europe Hosting] [Private Domain] [All Time Support]

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    Conqroad Back again Best Classic Server

    Conqroad Back again Best Classic Server -

    Real,Classic,Server,Client5065,+12,lvl,130,No Ninja,DropDBs,from,Tc,Monster,and Bird,Plvl,Not,easy,Not,Hard,All,Tops, HaveFun

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    Immortals Co - Rise of Immortals

    An active and up-to-date American server, professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our unbelievable PVP/PVE events and the fairest game environment ever with +6000 active players daily, Guarantee the stability and the highest performance, Available for Windows and Mac OSX

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    HeroscapeClassic [Biggest EU]

    [Classic Gameplay][Dedicat Server] [Old School] [Old Jump] [Classic Interface] [Fun] [Events] [Quests] [Lvl 130] [1 RB] [Mining FTW] [DB Mets FTW] [Spam Upgrade For Sockets] [No Potency] [No CPS] [Old Memories] [Balanced Gameplay] [No OP Payments] [Free VIP] [For Old Time][Opened 1/23/2018]

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    S-Conquer [Easy&Lastest-Version]

    S-Conquer [Easy&Lastest-Version]-

    Updated with the latest co updates, P7 Dragon Souls, and L6 Sacred Refineries, English community, High drop rate 10000 CPs Per-monster, High EXP rate,Free Stufs Cup Chi And JiangHu Join With Hundreds Or Players Now

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    Flare Conquer, Released 16th July

    starter pack for newbie players ,Weekly updates ,PVE/PVP custom events, all classes available,professionally developed according to the players needs, active customer service 24/7 ,players Join now and enjoy, give us a try

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    BiatConquer Online

    [Version 5095][S?nce2018][Online 24/7][DuelZone][Change Name][New Garments][Flag Fight][ElitePk][Drop 50 Cps][Ninja Fully Working][Max +12][50+ Online Player][NEW SERVER][ Join Us Now]

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    OldSquad-Conquer Classic

    [Classic Gameplay] [Classic Interface] [US Hosted] [English Community] [Hard Rated Server] [Max Level 130] [Maximum 9] [Old Jump] [NO CPs] [NO Talismans] [Mining] [PVE Quests] [Hourly PVP Events] [No Special Treatment to any Donators] [No Pay to Win] [Active STAFF] Join US

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    LightConquer | Rebitrh Of Rangers

    [Last Version][Medium Drop Cps per monster][Perfection System][New Epic Warrior] [FullyEpicWork][Inner Power][Dragon Island][Online System Cps Reward][Boss Every 1 Hours][Sub Class][Many Quests][ElitePK][Capture The Flag][Cross Server]Guarantee the stability and the highest performance

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    Empires-co New Server

    [LastVersion]POKER, Lottery, Roulette, Perfection, Jiang, Chi, Perfection, Custom quests/events friendly player and game masters

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    Anonymous-Conquer Legends Return II

    [Classic][FRESH START][EU Hosted][5165][NO CPS][1RB][+9][No NEW Classes][VIP System][Custom System][FB/SS][EXPMOB][1vs1][Discord Community][English based Community]

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    MastersCO2 - Classic [USA HOST]

    LAUNCH: 22/04/2018 [Classic] [USA Host] [Australian Owner] [Red/Black names DROP Gear][No Talismans, No Ninja, No Mentors, No Item Lock, No CPS][Lots of PVP events][NO Lotto, NO Mall, Lvl 130, Max +9, First Rb only][Rates: low/medium][Mid-Week and weekend GW]

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    Ultimate-Co Hard Srever Come Fast To New Server Every Thing Work Drop 50 Cps Come The Server Is New Cooooooooooooooome Nooooooow

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    [Server 2D] Droop [3000] Easy Server With Poker , ELitePk , Ctf , Wings , Titles Etc There Free Epic Chi And Jianghu And InnerPower And Perfiction, Souls Etc , Only Stuff +12+P7 For ALl And Challange On Donation Rank Come Fast And Enjoy With Your Friends

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    InfinityWar Conquer Online

    InfinityWar Classic Conquer Online is a Low/Medium classic Conquer online Private server. We will make our best to give each and every player a classic game interface edition and feel the good old days of Conquer online 1.0. -USA Dedicated Server -Four main Classes such as Archer, Trojan, Warrio...

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    Conquer Br - Slz Private Online

    Conquer Br - Slz Private Online-

    Servidor brasileiro e desenvolvido de acordo com as necessidades dos jogadores, experimente PVP/PVE em ambiente justo com varios jogadores ativos. Servidor com estabilidade e desempenho com 8 Personagens incriveis. Drop 3.500 por monstro. Nivel maximo 140 com EXP alto e muitos eventos todos os dias....