• Cabal EndGames

    join this great balanced server with dg awakened ft3 and akeron arena with legendary weapons custom dp runes and nostalgia forrest customs force wings and new set for news players!
    Rank 1 11 Votes Server Details
  • Cabal Online Russian PVE Server

    Rates X20, Balanced drop! New costumes, skill and scenario quests! Added some new dungeons!
    Rank 2 10 Votes Server Details
  • Cabal WS - The REAL Balance of Power

    FUN server, INFINITE Rebirth, Token System, 25000 Stat Points, Start with BM3 lv3, Redosmium 12 [17 Amp], ClassRank 20, lvl 170, Arcane Trace / Golem, NEW skills, HP increased, BALANCED PvP, Hero Coin / Shop system, HardCore channels, Website Character Page, Daily Events, AntiHack / DDoS Protected
    Rank 3 0 Votes Server Details