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About AvatarSro? in fact we online since 2013 but we wasnt have full time to care about server cuez we was have more than server online,but we decided to Re-update our server with new system and fair game play. Our Vision in AvatarSro that we must give every one chance to be strong by hes worke so we decided to give our lovely player all items coins drop from mobs/uniques/etc,,so all u need just farm and collect your coins to get special items/etc.. Re-update Date is in 1/9/2017 Well,about our system its dependant on AVA/JOB coins and Gold u can buy any items in server by AVA/JOB coins and Gold. We Dont Have Donate Items Or Advanced All Items Free For All Dgree 15 Max Plus 24 Advanced Stats 100% Full Blue.

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