MatrixMu Season 3 Ultra new players 5 days vip free

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We are waiting for you in the wondrous world of matrixmu. 3 season personal teammates the x300 experience drop 60% Gold party works. (Different classes are not required). you will be happy to see in any party, which will help create guilds and alliances. auto clicker built-in in Dungeon 1-2-3 there are no spots. every floor is populated by Fortune Pouch c from which all kinds of stones fall. but it's not so simple on every floor of the Dungeon is the Guardian-the boss who will protect his possessions and wealth. for a detailed description of the bosses, see our forum. regular events Blood castle Devil square Golden Dragon Invasion Kanturu core Medusa Invasion Crywolf Balgass Event Castle siege available systems Rena Chaos Card PVP \ PVE balance of all the characters you will be pleasantly surprised. I want to note that the matrixmu team is not going to stop on the achieved result! we have built a solid foundation and want to build a house together with you. Therefore we are waiting for your suggestions at the forum on the development of our project.

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