How postback works:

By using this postback feature you can confirm / check if a player have voted for your server. Postback URL needs to be a file on your domain, example ( You can change the name of the file if you want but make sure to type in the full path to the file.

To get this to work perfectly you need to edit your voting link to include a custom parameter, example ( Replace xxx in your url with the user id/name who votes.We will sent this parameter back to your postback url.

The (custom) parameter can only contain the characters [A-Z 0-9], we might add more characters later on. For an example, custom parameter could be the USER ID from your webpage which would make it easy for you to connect who voted for your website.

The response

When a user votes for your website on the postback will contact your postback URL to tell your system that a user just voted. This is what the postback data would look like.

Get simple postack script

If you don't have postack script use this one: