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Strong WoW

Strong wow es una comunidad en la expansión 3.3.5ª que lleva tiempo trabajándola para ustedes y darle un buen provecho a nuestro gran proyecto… Estaremos Lanzando una gran apertura y lanzamiento oficial…


WoW - StormBreaker TBC 2.4.3

!|Blizzlike|PvE/PvP Realm|Rates x10|Guilds transfer|1to1 transfer | New Realm | 2.4.3| Daily Events | Forum | Social Networks | Top tbc | Best WoW| Best wow private Server| Melhor Servidor Br|


Syndicate -WoW

Syndicate - WoW a rising 4.3.4 instant server trying to become one of the best servers in human kind! Server Features : Daily fixes Custom content Custom/blizzlike Raids! [Still in BETA]


[3.3.5a][blizzlike] Deadmines

Deadmines is qualitative wow emu project. Only we have own anticheat : anti-speedhack (all) and anti-flyhack Only we have worked vanish (with vanish fade delay), 0 delay on server (only your ping - async…



Alkatraz-UltraPvP ! Worldwide Hardcore pvp server ! custom spell ! Crossfaction ! custom map and more ! come with us !

32 3.3.5 Private Server

(New Private Serve ) Highest uptime. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp and Raids all 100% working. Features:[Monthly Top Player Rewards] [Give Point With Playing] [Recruit A Friend] [Achievement / Kill / Online…


TauriWoW Mists of Pandaria Server

Fully scripted zones, dungeons, raids & scenarios (including Cataclysm zones). Cross realm Battlegrounds/Dungeons/Raid Finder/Auction House. Working Pet Battle system. Store offers some extra features…


Berserkwow 3.3.5 Progressive x20!

Welcome in BerserkWow 3.3.5 Progressive x20!Rate XP Kill x20Rate XP Quest x20Rate XP Explore x20Rate Money x20Rate Qest Money x20 Proff x 20 Start Level 80 StartinG Gear + StartinG Weapons In orgrimmar…


Omni WoW Cataclysm

Omni-WoW is a Cataclysm 4.3.4 Project We offer: x6 XP rating Instant Flight Paths All Flight Paths Unlocked


Hearthglen - Accelerated Vanilla WoW

[Progressive Patches 1.5-1.12.1] [Mid-Rate] [High-Quality] [4.5x EXP] [3x drops] [Reduced Honor Grind] [No-Lag][Friendly Community] [Quality of Life Enhancements] [No Pay2Win]


Wow Fun Brasil

Bem Vindo ao Wow Fun Brasil A Pedido de muitas pessoas, resolvemos retirar o instant 80 e colocar no lugar um Double XP, e para não dificultar a vida daqueles que ja tinham bastante coisa, resolvemos…



The server with best scripts - 335a - 5x rates - Fully scripted classes - Fully scripted Raids and Dungeons - Arena seasons with different awards - Transmog - Low Ping + Professional staff - The best…


azerothwow 3.3.5a 40x

AzerothWoW WoTLK [Max Level 80][Blizzlike Exp 40x, Gold 10x, Drops 10x-40x, Rep 10x, Honor 10x arena x10][Blizzlike Scripts][FREE Heirlooms][Free lvl 80 armor][24/7 Online][No-Lag][Anti-DDoS][Fresh Realm][Friendly…