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Immortals Co - Rise of Immortals

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An active and up-to-date American server, professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our unbelievable PVP/PVE events and the fairest game environment ever with +6000 active players…


HeroscapeClassic [Biggest EU]

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[Classic Gameplay][Dedicat Server] [Old School] [Old Jump] [Classic Interface] [Fun] [Events] [Quests] [Lvl 130] [1 RB] [Mining FTW] [DB Mets FTW] [Spam Upgrade For Sockets] [No Potency] [No CPS] [Old…


S-Conquer [Easy&Lastest-Version]

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Updated with the latest co updates, P7 Dragon Souls, and L6 Sacred Refineries, English community, High drop rate 10000 CPs Per-monster, High EXP rate,Free Stufs Cup Chi And JiangHu Join With Hundreds…


OldSquad-Conquer Classic

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[Classic Gameplay] [Classic Interface] [US Hosted] [English Community] [Hard Rated Server] [Max Level 130] [Maximum 9] [Old Jump] [NO CPs] [NO Talismans] [Mining] [PVE Quests] [Hourly PVP Events] [No…


LightConquer | Rebitrh Of Rangers

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[Last Version][Medium Drop Cps per monster][Perfection System][New Epic Warrior] [FullyEpicWork][Inner Power][Dragon Island][Online System Cps Reward][Boss Every 1 Hours][Sub Class][Many Quests][ElitePK][Capture…


Empires-co New Server

[LastVersion]POKER, Lottery, Roulette, Perfection, Jiang, Chi, Perfection, Custom quests/events friendly player and game masters