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PlayMU - Private Servers

2000+ Onlines today, 3 Servers, [25x, 100x, 500x], Season 6.11, Anti Cheat Exclusive, System Exclusive. New members receive 7 days of VIP 1 + Starter Pack!


Rangers BF3 Clan

The Rangers bring a new aspect of clan gaming to the battlefield series. It is more about fun, teamwork, and dedication – winning is just a consistent perk. Are you ready to join the brotherhood? Take…


Mu EvoGames

Season 8 EP 3, 1000EXP / Auto Party / Auto Reconnect / Muun System / Events / Premium website / Market / New Events/ New Itens / Active community / Stable Online / Long Term /Daily GM Events/ Weekend…



Bulgarian minecraft server | GameType - Factions Economy Raids Server have crate, events, good players, vote, update weekly and other stuff :)


OpenMu Season 3 Episodio 1 - Server Name: OpenMu - Website : - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria - Experience: 99999x - Item drop: 100% - Monster HP: 100% -…


Zoro Sro

Basic information:- Cap: - 110 Race: - Chinese/Europe Exp&Sp rate: - 250x Party Exp&Sp rate: - 280x Gold rate: - 25x Drop rate: - 30x Job rate: - 75x Fortress war: - Jangan Alchemy rate:- 1-4=80% 5-8=60%…


***NEW*** OnlyFlyff - International

We Would Like to invite your to our new server.. Just Started Today.. Its Based on v15 with some Custom Features.. The server Rates are 35x Exp, 25x Drop Custom on Penya cause we have a Map exclusive…


ExilesWorld | ExileMu Season 2 EP4

[ExileMu Season 2 EP4][Exp: 100x Dynamic][30 Reset][Mu Helper lvl80][Full Balanced][Big spots][New Wings,New Sets][Absolute archangel items][Daily Events][Vote free credits][stable][CS very week][join…


Eternal Pirates Online

Welcome to Eternal Pirates Online! 20x Solo 25x party 3600x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly And Nice GMs, Events Weekly. Come Join Us Now!! New Class Balances! New Maps!…


its a new romanian server p. no donations , max lvl 127 , all new systems, newschool server. its the best in romania for now, the server is dedicat.


Diablo II Evolution Blizzard like Diablo 2 private server! Cool ladder features, old items activated! Check out! MELHOR SERVIDOR DE DIABLO 2!


SOD Pirates Online

10 months running! No Wipes! No Resets! 18x Solo 20x Party 3240x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, Class Balances! New Maps! New Bosses! New Events! New Quests!…



Sick of all Servers? Wish to play on a server more than a day? Then you can higher your expectations, because we have what you seek! PVM Server with low rates. Period events with rewards that worth the…


RF Devante

60 Cap Mid Rate Default Items 24/7 Gaming Staff Online No Pay to Win FREE FOR ALL "Total Grind Out|


MU Siege

MU Siege Season 6. - XP : 250/300x - EXP ML : 20/25x - PVP EQUILIBRADO - Cadastro Recebendo 7 Dias de VIP. - Reset Pontuativo (Tabelado) - EXP Dinâmico (Tabelado) - Eventos VALORIZADOS! - Off Attack System…


Elysium Project (Vanilla Legacy Server)

The Elysium Project was born from the desire to capture World of Warcraft in its original state so that we can share our passion with the world once more. The team is comprised of dozens of individuals…


Hellfire TBC

Progressive TBC-Server! 2.4.3! PvE & PvP! Blizzlike 1x rates! Prenerf raids and dungeons! Fully scripted raids! T4-T5 Open! Season 2! Instant 60-boost! No cash shop, no P2W!



MShield Anti Hack NO DONATOR SET Ep8 to Ep16 Feature Hosted at EU MEDIUM RATE SERVER Perfect Craft Drop Rate Increased Legendary Chest don't drop cores New Awakened Dungeons New Skills/Buffs ECoin Rewards…